Currently no PTC ads available to view for weekss

What is up with, it has been over one week and there isn’t any PTC ads to click, although many people reported clicked on the normal ads, the one for at least five times per 24 hours. Is a scam, fraud, hoax, scamming you to click on Ads for nothing? At the beginning was awesome, click 5 ads for nothing $0 which is fine, and then it will activate PTC ads to click at a rate of 5-10-20 cent or so per click, it was great! then recently for over 1 week, in addition to the payza problem, now also have PTC ads to click to make money. Scam? will see if more people have this problem, SCAM because they trick you at the beginning and now you probably would have to work harder and spent money in order to make money.