Lost my hitleap account to a scammer on thebot.net

I took a risk and I loss.

Today I decided to sell my hitleap account on thebot.net, little did I know, there are a bunch of scammers on thebot.net Be careful what you’re selling. In my case, my hitleap account has over 370 thousand minutes, worth market price of $18.60 ($0.05/1000 minutes)

I posted on TheBot.net (TBN) for sell hitleap account 370 thousand minutes, market price $18.60. I got a bunch of private messages offer from $4 to $10, then I got a message with $18 offer and off course I took the $18 offer and little did I know it’s a scammer.

This person have 0 rating on trading on Thebot.net, I checked their profile, appears to be 3 months old account and has activities talking about hitleap in TBN forum.

So I asked for the person’s skype, and added me to skype. I didn’t do the screening well enough and loss. This person created a fake free email account with live.com skype account. Then messaged me asking me to go first, meaning I have to send the hitleap account for them to check and the moment I sent the hitleap account, the scammer immediately changed the email address and password, and my account is gone, I cannot recover it. My 370 thousand minutes disappeared just like that.

What makes me upset a little bit is I got scammed and I writes about scam, what to watch for of any scam indication, and apparently I didn’t do a good job on this one.

I should have the buyer profiles, how long it’s been online, how many buddies attached, how many discussions, any negative feedback and so on.

Bottom line is, don’t deal the transaction outside of the normal process. If you’re going to take risk, chances are you will loose 100%. If you want to be safe, profit half but 100% safe then do it with the system being protected, such as in ebay and other online specialize in selling virtual products for you.

What you can do to recover your account also is to contact hitleap support and tell them that your account got hacked, and the email account and password email got changed, you can’t log in. Hope that hitleap will take quick action and can frozen your account to prevent further usage of loosing minutes. You can expedite the request by saying you purchased a premium plan, they will take priority and frozen the account.

Anyhow, sucks, loss $18 🙂 could have been worse.