Make a living online for me?

Although I mentioned multiple times in blog entries about ways to make a living online, ways to make money online … is it really possible? quick answer yes.

Yes, through hard work and dedication, similar to having a real job or a career. It’s really up to the person how he/she would like to work? To me, I had been working for a corporation for many years, I got laid off back in April 2012 after one month vacation in Vietnam, coincident or on purpose that they let me go after a long trip vacation.

After I got laid off, I immediately set priority: family health insurance! check; unemployment filing! check; live off few months without any income! check; and so those are priority. Then off to making a living online. Google Adsense, Adbrite, Chitika, linkshare,, and so on. Many wordpress blog. Youtube video. WordPress update sync facebook. Web design. Buy low sell high on ebay. Rebates offers. Freelancers. So I tried all those, and guess what? yes they all can make money, how much you can make depend on how hard you work, hey! if it’s easy anyone could have done it right? right. So there you go. I did it, I tested it, and I make money. So the answer is yes, you can make a living online through many opportunities.

In addition, Bitcoin mining LOL, might want to look into that also 🙂 Need initial hardware mining investment though and also keep your finger cross that Bitcoin value rise, otherwise you will be loosing money instead of making money 🙂

make a living online various opportunities are endless

make a living online various opportunities are endless