Make good money with Perk TV complies to the rules

This is in addition to my old previous blog in regards to Perk TV money making ideas online.

Let just get to the point on how to make money with Perk TV. I will make it short and simple based on below steps.

  1. Buy 5 cheap old broken android like the Droid X for $5 each that can still power on at least.
  2. Upgrade the Android OS to 4.4.4 Kitkat using Mod such as CyanogenMod with Perk APK manually installed.
  3. Create a PerkTV  account directly in Android
  4. Adjust Perk TV to low bandwidth, then start playing Movies Trailer or Popular Video, maybe App Trailer also if you have old Perk TV version.
  5. Let your phone sits in front of you and watch it once in a while to make sure it still works and played. Touch screen when needed to by pass Perk TV pops up.
  6. Withdraw $5 Amazon gift card everytime limit reached.

Total one time investment $30. Daily earning from $2 to $5 and some claimed $7 a day. In this case you will get your money back (ROI) within less than a month.

One thing to keep in mind is that videos streaming uses a lot of bandwidth, ensure your internet is sufficient to handle the bandwidth, your wifi router should be able to handle all your devices, if needed put your wifi router right next to the phones.