Make money by blogging still have potential to make money

I just watch some videos on youtube about a guy name John Chow, he is supposed to be the #1 blogger in the world that make the most money, I don’t know if it is still true today, but his video looks pretty promising. He created a program to help anyone whom want to blog to make money. On some of his video he indicated if you don’t need to know anything about computer or the internet or so, you just need to know how to type and save.

I think it is possible to still make money blogging, however keep in mind that there are millions of other bloggers out there, the chances of ┬ápeople visiting your blog versus other blog out there are small. So what the trick to make people go to your blog instead? I’m not really sure, but my person opinions are:

  1. Your blog have to have original contents
  2. You blog things that you know, it will be natural when you start writing stuff that you know, so don’t worry! But if you blog on something that just hit the news or something hot but you have no idea or know little about chances are it will not attract people or reader.
  3. It takes time for your blog to show up on search engine and get traffic regularly, probably at least 2 years or so, then after that you have rich contents and search engine will crawl your site more frequently.
  4. It’s all about legitimate traffic, let the search engine do the work and sometime have links from another quality site to your website.
  5. Use google adsense, but follow the guideline carefully, such as no porn, se, nude pictures, and so on. When you have a lot of traffic, you can use sponsors, which makes more money than google adsense, but start with google adsense since affiliate sponsors your new website will not qualify

High-Tech cars on youtube videos.

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