Make quick money buying bitcoin now

At the moment Bitcoin price is at it lowest point in few months. Anyone whom have about $3k can make a good profit in a few days, the profit could be from $200 to $500 with the $3K. The chances of profiting is about 90%, 5% Bitcoin price will slip below $230 and 5% it will linger at $230.

Invest at your own risk, take extra precaution that the money you invest is the money you don’t need in the next few days weeks months or even years. It’s really hard to predict the price of Bitcoin. As many people know, who had been following Bitcoin news feeds, there isn’t much bad news. The good news on Bitcoin is greater than bad news, but still it’s not going up, just up and down since the beginning of 2014.

There are a lot of development on Bitcoin, as more and more retailers online mostly, are adopting and accepting Bitcoin as payment.

Some think the price of Bitcoin is April will not go up because of tax season. There are tips and tricks to claim loss on Bitcoin, but the chance of getting audit are very high you include Bitcoin into your tax, ensure you have receipt to show when audit hit. Bitcoin I believe is somewhat like personal asset, but that don’t make sense because it goes up and down, on the other hand personal asset most likely decreased in value unless it’s a house where it could go up.