Many Cointellect members did not get paid doesn’t matter mining or contract mining

This has been confirmed by many members of Cointellect. Whether you’re mining on Cointellect mining pool with CPU, ASIC, GPU, your own computer, or purchased a mining contract, you will noticed that you’re not getting paid. Your requested paying has been pending for 2 days and continue to stay on pending.

Cointellect published a news sort of explaining what happened, but it is no surprise that any business into cryptocurrencies are falling apart. Whether it’s a legitimate business or simply doing something extraordinary similar to HYIP, small or big, all get impacted by the crashed of Bitcoin down to $100s soon.

Let be fair. Let not just pick on Cointellect as example having difficulty running their business, although it’s probably not legit, HYIP to be exact, but other business a little bit more legit such as Cloud mining had to shut down it’s operation, well brought it to a halt to be exact. hasn’t been making 100% payment, payment were selective, and relationship with cryptopay appears to be falling apart, payout via Paypal also got cancelled. Dogecoin payout pending for days and continuing. Most likely Cointellect will not be able to make any payout soon when Bitcoin hit $100s in a couple of days. Sad but this is reality now.

So what now? Everyone should be going out and get a real job! whether it’s working at mcDonald or Movie theater, it’s better than online. Although I’m sure many of us learned a lot from this experience of trying to make some money or make a living online, apparently it’s not working isn’t it? 🙂 Well that just my 2 cents. Will keep on blogging. Stay tuned.