Mine Dogecoin and trade to Darkcoin?

In IRC chat room. Most if not all cryptcoin related chat room would say, mining is no longer profitable especially with computer GPU, not with Dogecoin, not Darkcoin, Bitcoin whatever coin. The people whom can still profit might be folks that have money to spend on massive amount of hardware to mine, other than that it’s not worth it, even with free electricity.

However Darkcoin is on the rise. In the IRC chat room, people are saying to mine Dogecoin, then exchange or trade it to Darkcoin and sell it to USD Bitcoin or just hold on to it, because Darkcoin is rising and will continue to go up even through we don’t see the profit today, but as it rise the value of your Darkcoin will increase in value and worth more. Just like your Bitcoin, if you’re not a day trader then you can hold on to your Bitcoin, one day it will rise to $2000 or even higher, most likely not anytime soon to $100000 though 🙂

Bottom line. Instead of mining, buy Bitcoin and trade it within cryptocoins world. Since mining with GPU yield no profit, and if you’re buying mining hardware you will not get any return of investment anytime soon, at least 4 months as now. So instead of buying hardware to mine thinking you can continue to mine forever, that’s not going to happen, as level of difficulty increased harder to mine your equipment yield worthless, paying for electricity is all you’re doing.