Move over liar Butterfly Lab BFL KNCminer deliver what they promised! don’t buy 600GH/s BFL another lie

OK folks, look like KNCminer deliver what they promised! they are shipping and been confirmed by the Bitcoin mining community. Anyone whom still back order at Butterfly Lab BFL should consider get their money back or somehow get BFL to deliver their products like KNCminer! BFL simply just terrible. People should never ever do business with Butterfly Lab BFL and switch over to KNCMiner. Don’t fall for the 600GH/s miner GPU look alike from Butterfly Lab, another lie! lie and more lie about delivery date, off by one year of back order still have not shipped yet, although shipping in progress but by the time people get their products from BFL the machine is useless totally useless you will not make any money with it let alone return of investment. KNCMiner are shipping and we already see the hashing power increased dramatically.

Thong Tran

From: Kncminer
Sent: Saturday, October 5, 2013
Subject: News Update

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We have some updates for you all; in this newsletter we will cover the following

Shipping status,
Hosting update,
Bitcoin conference in Atlanta,
Next steps.

Shipping status
We have now begun shipping at almost full speed and our Jupiter product has been seen hashing publicly at over 550 with power usage now down to about 1watt per GH/s at the wall. Over the next few days we will be increasing our throughput at the factory to catch up on all orders that were scheduled to leave earlier this week which have not. The factory will be making parts all weekend due to be assembled and shipped on Monday. So the next round of people should expect their email from UPS on Monday. Emails are typically sent out at around 14:30 CET every day as that’s the UPS pickup time for our factory. We have noticed that the shipment process is not optimal and we are working with our shipping partners to address these issues.

We have released two patches for our miners so far and we recommend that all customers apply these patches they can be found on our website You can expect more Rapid Deployment Patches to be produced while we continue to work on the stability issues some of our customers are having. We will continue to improve the performance and stability in all of our products. We would have liked to of had months to produce the perfect firmware but in this business with these short timelines I hope you all understand that we would rather have the miners in your hands and release patches as soon as we can rather than hold on to your miners awaiting the perfect firmware.

Many people have been asking for a manual for our device a short manual has been produced and is available here
We will increase the content with more information as we add new features to our device.

Hosting update
As our hosting customers are aware we are having difficulty in getting the hosting facility working optimally. Our engineers are working around the clock to get the facility online. As we are late. We would like to offer all hosted customers one month extra free hosting as compensation for us not having your miners online when we said they would be. If we continue to experience issues with the hosting facility into next week we will up the compensation accordingly.

Bitcoin conference in Atlanta
As some of you are aware we have sponsored the documentary film
The groundbreaking documentary is about a couple that are trying to live the first 90 days exclusively on bitcoins. We have flown one of our representatives the conference who will hand over the miner to the couple personally.

Next steps
The next steps for us at KnCMiner are to increase production and work our way through the initial bugs we are having with the firmware, We will increase speed and stability and fix all the errors some of our customers are experiencing. We do appreciate that in bitcoin time is money and we are working as hard as we can to fix all the issues we are having.


KnCMiner Team

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