My opinion on 1221212 or 12/21/2012 also December 21st 2012

I strongly believe that human are created equal, so not only the Mayan calendar end there but also other calendar using same concept such as Chinese fortune tellers calendar method end there also, they have to reset or recycle it once again, so to many people they take this “recycle” life in a different way, saying that the world earth will get reset as well, there will only be a few of us live to start new life again, that is a bunch of crap  if people asked me, and I’m entitle to my own opinion LOL  I do believe in some scientist but not all, I believe in many theories but not all, some are just common sense to throw out. Although there has been reports that the earth magnetic fields does act strange, but it was due to the Sun being more active lately, has a lot of activity on the Sun, but it’s not enough to prove the world is coming to end, something obviously will happen, but I highly doubt that anything big will happen, it will be similar to the 2000 event, where your calendar with 4 number changes  so no worries. Anyhow, I can tell you that on that day 12/21/12 I will still be here and you will still be here on facebook eating our favorite snack watching our favorite TV show and hang around with our kids. Although I’m not a scientist or physicist, but one of my many hobbies are indeed Space Exploration Science and technology, I would like to live to see human kind live on Mars, and I strongly believe it will be in the mid 2020s, I’ll be old heheheheheh!