MYO the next generation of gesture control work?

If you’re a technology person you might have come across a new device so call MYO a new generation of gesture control, using the muscle movements of your hand, simply attach a big brace to the upper arm and control your gadgets such as computer, mp3 player, any device that hook up to the computer. Look at the demo on this siteĀ

My first impression on this. I don’t think this is something new, in fact it’s been around for a long time but was never made famous. Probably because of the cost and accuracy, in term of usefulness off course all these devices created to help us multi-task or do things more easily. However in the end, the products appears to be defective not well engineer or cheaply design and not effective to help us much and sometime impacting our productivity.

My personal opinion on this, with well marketing strategy, well demo video, very effective, and best of all $149, that is cheap. So I think this will sell quick and then the manufacture will shut down its operation and move on, since I bet there will be a lot complaint and returns RMA and so on, not including tech support, it’s a way of making money.