Neobux Probux and Clixsense are alternative to earn money online?

Well with the facts that I cannot earn much money with Bitcoin BTC mining, nor Litecoin mining pretty much yielded the same. Google Adsense, I couldn’t make much either it’s been consistently low, and last bu not least Coingeneration appears to be a little bit iffy, payza no longer in business with Digital Generation.

With that being said, the real topic is, are Neobux, Probux and Clixsense my alternative next? I just signed up for Probux, since it’s the best according to the web forums, then come Neobux and Clixsense, I believe all three has same concept. Ear money through click, and referrals click, yes it’s free but you will not earn much if you don’t buy referrals, meaning you have to spend money to make money, well if it really work no doubt I’m willing to pay. I’m a little bit concern if I spend $100 and cannot even get $100 back in 3 months or so, that’s a big loss and waste of time. Will see how it goes in the next few months, for sure I will be updating blogging.