New pyramid scam

Remember the good old days, those scam, the scam such as you send $1 to this person that person, with an attach letter, they will send $1 back to you and so and so forth, and volume gets bigger and bigger and you make money but there are some people cheated even though they read the letter, but still they don’t send anything to anyone. In the end, people realized it’s a pyramid scheme too late. Some make money, some doesn’t, it’s an auto pilot program scheme or scam, or fraud, or hoax, ponzi scheme, whatever you call it.

Anyhow, the concept of this kind of pyramid scheme scam still exist today in different shapes and sizes. Take online for example, there are tons of new pyramid scheme scam, worst than multi level marketing. However one of the pyramid scheme scam I came across of is It doesn’t cost you anything, just a waste of time and upset your friends and relatives online asking them to sign up, but you can take different approach and flood chat rooms and forums or make fake spamming videos on youtube facebook and so on with this scam. What you really doing is promoting the website you’re not making any money believe me. No where in the FAQ of that website telling you how much you’re making. So when it’s too good to be true, maybe it’s not, maybe it is but you just need to get in there on time, at the top level, otherwise they pee on you instead of you pee on them.