Northeast Coast of the USA prepares for worst winter storm yet

Although don’t live directly in this area where the winter storm would hit every year. However I do feel the impact of it. Sometime no power for days, but not too many fatality though probably because of the hard work and dedication of communities leaders are doing in preparation.

For me, I’ve been preparing yearly for most natural disaster, including hurricane or storm and winter storm that dump snow. The most essential thing for me to have are:

  1. Water – fresh drinking water few days.
  2. Heater – not electric nor gas, more of safe burning fuel for indoor use.
  3. Electricity – enough to charge phone and run radio or TV for news and maybe entertainment.
  4. Food – I think this is abundant, and I’m talking about can food. Since your freezer refrigeration will stop working.

Only the top 4 things to me are essential.

I have solar power that charges my battery bank fully daily whenever there are sun light. So I can run power off these battery banks. I also have gas generator can produce 4000watts electricity, good for keeping refrigerator running every other hour or so, at the same time power other electronic devices including charging my battery bank.

I think I’m ready! 🙂