Obsessive photography posted on facebook daily by your buddies?

Yeah me too! don’t people get it? it hurt my finger when I click next next next and even slide show sucks, because not all of the pictures are they want to see. I have a few buddies on facebook, one family members and a buddy, they traveled to Vietnam and took pictures of almost everything, sometime the same thing and posting it over and over again, flooded by facebook, I ended up have to hide all the pics from that person and another person also traveled to Vietnam. Gee!! You don’t have to post all the pictures you took, at least I don’t like it, having have to scroll through thousand of images, kidding me, go get a camcorder LOL and hope you get a good camcorder that have anti-shake and HD quality, and have some basic understanding of filming like don’t zoom in and out too much, don’t zoom at all that’s better – don’t move camera too quickly, better yet don’t move at all, just focus on the object for a bit then move slowly.

OK then! Here are very good traveling tips for ya all travelers whether you’re experience traveler that know it all or just simply want to take a week trip somewhere far.