One day til North Korea going to launch an attack to who?

Well? it’s been known that over the past few days or a week that North Korea has been moving its military to battle station preparing to attack, but who, we’re not sure since we loss all communication with North Korea, the only intelligent we may have are technology such as the internet and spy satellite.

The attack North Korea may launch tomorrow April 10th 2013 might be firing rockets and missiles. Probably not directly to Japan or Guam or America but maybe just to test its military power to see how much or how far it can go, test the new young leader capability on handling crisis and to see if he has power at all or someone else there has the power and probably testing him.

We may never know, but what we know is, if an attack happen, North Korea will be in deep “shit” LOL. It will be a good reason to wipe out North Korea. This is good for business, well certain business, such as News Media, Military spares parts manufactures, and off course any companies that connect to making weapons will make money 🙂

What about BTC Bitcoin, will this impact BTC? nope zippo zeros ! 🙂 North Korea should spend time on mining bitcoin than making enemies and threaten other countries, threat that never really happened, just a game to scare others. The facts are that North Korea most if not everyone are trained in military, it’s like the whole country is a military base 🙂