PA State Trooper 830PM March 4th 2013 Monday on Lincoln Highway

To the PA State Trooper that was on Lincoln Higway at 830PM March 4th 2013, in Thorndale, you are not being courteous. I appreciate all good Police officials keeping our street safe and help people, I hate it when you try to give people a hard time. For over 10 years I have not gotten one traffic violation of any kind, except I bump into someone’s car by accident at a parking lot which total $500 scratch paid by insurance company. For these years I have obeyed the laws while driving, although witnesses a lot of wrong doing by other drivers, and I sometime forgot to wear seat belt and so on … but I’m blogging this for one reason – for these two particular state trooper, please be more courteous to other drivers.

Last night as I back out from my relative’s house seeing the street cleared and your car was all the way back there, so I thought you saw my car and you would be courteous enough to slow down and give me plenty of room to yield left, but you didn’t, you appear to keep going at your speed whatever speed that is not being courteous at all, and I don’t appreciate that and I’m sure others wouldn’t appreciate it either. Please be a little more courteous, you’re not in a hurry, your light not flashing, your job is to help others, keep street safe and best of all, suppose to think and be courteous unless you’re in a hurry then turn on your emergency light or siren.

I’ve seen many good Police officers doing goods, and I’ve seen some bad, all I’m asking is be courteous, if you don’t know what that is, you don’t deserve to get pay from me and other people paying big tax money, we all work hard paying tax, those tax being pass down to you, you protect and serve the public; I sometime wonder why when people see Police most of the time got frighten scared, you know why? because of you bad COPS, be courteous! so that when people see you knowing they done nothing wrong and they shouldn’t feel frighten scare afraid!

PA State Police Trooper March 4th 2013 830PM Monday Thorndale LIncoln Highway not being courteous

PA State Police Trooper March 4th 2013 830PM Monday Thorndale LIncoln Highway not being courteous

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