People are showing off new cars nice big house nice job office and so on

While I show off all the extra money I make if any would go toward helping the poor. Bottom line, I do what I think make me and others happy, not showing off materials things. Now a day if you check facebook you would see people post about how their wonderful kids, nice new car, expensive materials things such as jewelry and so on, big nice house, make big money, and so on. Honestly I do feel a little big jealous because I’m here working my butt off and I don’t have that much money to buy such nice car, nice house. All I have is used car, used stuff around the house, but I thought back and say, that’s all I needed, why do I need new car or expensive stuff, I don’t, maybe other people do! 🙂

I really hate those that show off what they have to the whole world, such as those on facebook. It is ok to drive nice car around the block, but don’t show off to the world, yeah I’m rich I have nice car wonderful husband kids and so on. To me, it’s not really value add. There are tons of people even some of your close relatives that are really in need of clothing, daily things, there are real poor people that could use a few dollars, why you go out and only think for yourself and spent on expensive stuff while you know many other people suffer? do you care for others? or just for yourself?