Perk TV click every one hour getting harder to earn points

It’s been confirmed, Perk TV now required you to click on Yes you’re still watching every 1 hour. This will make it harder for you to earn points and very likely that people with Perk farm will start earning less and possibly drop off the network.

There might be someone out there with ways to bypass this click on yes every hour by using low technology. Such as the water drinking bird that will never stop drinking water see sawing back and forth, all you need is this bird to keep tapping the screen on the yes coordination and you’re good to go. Well it’s just a theory and I saw people trying and talking about it, not sure if it’s 100% effective.

Just like many others making easy money out there, it’s not as easy as you may think, people will always find ways to make more money, and so therefore the business that offers these opportunities will also required to keep up to speed with cheaters or those that tries to crack the program to gain more points or on auto pilot.