Perk TV decreased points earned and “Are you still watching”

That’s right folks, this has been confirmed by the Perk TV farm communities, especially in reddit and directly in Perk TV facebook fanpage.

“Are you still watching?” YES, now you would have to click it more often than ever. Which mean those large Perk TV farm probably will not see much earning because if they forget to click on “YES” then they earned nothing. The “Yes” was not implemented few months ago, then “Yes” every 24 hours, then “Yes” every 8 hours, then “Yes” every 1 hour, then today “Yes” every 30 minutes or less, so what’s next? “Yes” every video?

Points earned decreased from 10 points few months ago, to 8, to 5, then now today to 3 or less, some video will not have point at all.

For sure Perk TV will see decreased members in participating in this reward program for watching to get points which can be converted to rewards gift cards such as amazon gift card and Ebay.

I do have a small Perk TV farm, but been doing it complying with their Perk TV policies, 5 devices per account, 5 accounts per household that can proof of residencies. Earning dropped dramatically and I’m selling my Perk TV phones on ebay since it’s no longer efficient to earn.