Quality airbed that really work and lowest price $10 Intex Vinyl Airbed, Twin

I’m talking about the airbed that you would inflate, I’ve tried many different ones from cheapest to the most expensive, some work, some doesn’t. The one that I found work best is the one sells at Walmart for $11, that’s right for $11 will last for a long time, I’ve had it for almost one year and I think I really only have to pump it twice, I use it almost every night to sleep on, it feel great! just like expensive mattress. Off course this is a small size one person, it work great for me, I’m a 220lbs person, 5 feet 10 So don’t spend a ton of money on airbed, get this $11 at Walmart, I think it was made in Russia because I saw Russian words printed on the airbed. Now, I’m not the only one that really gave a good review on it, if you look at the reviews from others, it’s also 4-5 stars.

A few things to keep in mind when using airbed, put a thick layer of blanket so that you wouldn’t feel the rubber or the heat trap reflect back to your body, probably not good idea for airbed for hot weather 90 degree, it will be uncomfortable, get a hammock instead :). If you’re going camping, find a camping spot that doesn’t have sharp rocks or anything that would puncture the airbed :). Lastly, don’t jump up and down on it, that’s right don’t use this this airbed to have sex or make love with your significant other LOL you will destroy it, it’s for sleeping resting only 🙂

Highly recommend to buy one at walmart.


the most reliable quality airbed with cheapest lowest price $10 at walmart

the most reliable quality airbed with cheapest lowest price $10 at walmart