Real earning from Bitcoin and scrypt mining pool?

By now people whom are involved with Bitcoin mining, or any other Alternative coin mining. You would probably know, the earning isn’t much, in fact you’re not making profit, unless you get the mining equipment and free electricity. This is due to the price of Bitcoin fell to $200 and doesn’t look like it’s going up anytime soon. However when Bitcoin goes back up again, your coin will worth more, and sure you’re in the profit margin. So again, if you can afford electricity and mining equipment you know that you’re not making any money today, but in the future maybe when Bitcoin up again, you will profit, just not now.

Then we have the suspicious activities of earning Bitcoins and other alternative coins such as Dogecoin and Litecoin, earning from 10x to 100x time of the hashing power where typically you would really profit mining on a real pool. A lot of people don’t care, because as long as they’re getting paid, willing to take the risk. A lot of people like Ponzi Scheme though, they know it’s a ponzi scheme scam that they will be falling into a trap, but to them it’s fun and willing to take a risk to get as much money as possible and trying to beat scheme. The truth is, some will succeed, but a lot will loose time, effort and money.

If you’re an adventurous person, most likely you will fall into a scheme scam one day. You already have bad feelings, but you’re willing to take a risk anyways, not everyone will loose, but for sure not everyone will win, very small percentage. It is safe to say that people that have experience with ponzi scheme scam most likely to fall for another scam again and again, but each time they learn and will attempt to outsmart and beat the scam again and again. Sometime they loose, sometime they win, to these folks I call them the adventurous. For others, if you have bad feeling, look like a ponzi scheme, operates like a ponzi scheme, and you’re not willing to take the risk, then don’t do it, chances are you will loose your money than winning.

The internet for sure are full of scam, you just have to know and stay away if you don’t like the risk. Save that $100 for a nice dinner with your significant other than putting $100 and expect to get $200 in 100 hours, come on now! that’s flat out a ponzi scheme you’re risking that you will loose your money 99% of the time.