S3 now shipping from minersource.net anyone still mining bitcoin?

Just in case you missed!. Minersource.net announced that they’re shipping the S3 now today at this moment. However the question is, anyone still mining Bitcoin? I have to ask because, for those that still mining, when was the last time they did ROI on their Bitcoin miner investments? factoring in the electricity cost, the initial cost, accessories, Bitcoin value rise and fall, no way anyone can make money even 6 months from the day they start mining. It is a lot better to buy Bitcoin directly than buying bitcoin mining hardware.Sure sure! you can say you do it for fun! do it as a hobby! you’re ok with the loss! and so on. To me it does not make sense.

So today, the hash rate kept on increasing, even if individual miners no longer invest in bitcoin mining hardware, but the manufacturer of those mining hardware does. They spent large investment for mining hardware, mine bitcoin for a while and then sell it to individual for cheap. They’re making money both way, while us individual miner get the bone with no meat! yes it’s not fair but what can you do? it’s not regulated, you just have to be vigilant and smart. Manufacturer of bitcoin mining hardware, and large data center with big investment are the one that make money, not us individual miner, again we just get the bone once they ate all the meat.

Hope everyone consider carefully before getting that cheap price bitcoin mining hardware. You’re not making money, not even ROI in 6 months. Just study it carefully do your homework, factoring in, take things into consideration such as down time, defective hardware, electricity cost, maintenance, cost of the initial setup, cost of hardware and accessories, cost of time to watch it keep it up and running. All those, why go into all the trouble and when you already know how bitcoin work, just buy bitcoin directly. No way you can make the same amount of bitcoin buying it today than mining it for 6 months or more. Please! take my word on this. I’ve been mining for over 2 years.

bitcoin miner hardware antminer s3 shipped but no quick ROI loss of investments

bitcoin miner hardware antminer s3 shipped but no quick ROI loss of investments

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