[due to asia holiday] bestreviewapp.com not paying and unresponsive

Update: *** appears to be Asian or Chinese business *** they’re celebrating one week of new year, indicating they should be back today Monday beginning of a new week. I’m not sure how will they fulfill backlog if they don’t even have a skeleton crew or at least check support email once in a while a simple away message would be helpful, but total silent.

Just like many people predicted. This Android IOS App review is a fake, bestreviewapp.com, paying people to write fake review on Google App and Apple Itune IOS App. Most like this bestreviewapp.com got reported and a few members already know they will not last long. Some people did get paid nicely at the beginning, but just like any other funny business online, it will not last long.

People are reporting that they spent money to download the app for like $2, and expect to get paid $3, that’s $1 profit for each app reviewed. The review has to be 4-5 stars and related to the app, not just any review. Well folks apparently a lot of people fall for this, but it didn’t last long paying has been halted and support is unresponsive.

bestreviewapp.com SCAM shouldn’t be a surprise to many people. The website is very unprofessional, like those Turnkey scripts make money quick scam scripts kind of thing. Unfortunately due to the referrals % a lot of members went on the internet spread it all over and got people to join and invest money to make 30% profit easy for writing reviews. SCAM now, and there will more like it around the corner.

It’s sad for those that don’t see this. It’s sad for those people who will be buying these apps that had fake review both on itune and Android. Here are list of Apps that have fake reviews. So don’t buy these apps, it has fake high rating reviews.


Music Download Pro – Mp3 Downloader, Player for SoundCloud®

Cash Register

SmartSwipe – Credit Card Processing – Swiper – Machine – Terminal – Scanner – Wireless – Readers – A

Rise Wars Lite [ Risk game ]

Free Play with Farm Animals Cartoon Jigsaw Game for toddlers and preschoolers

Let It Pass!
iCarb Carbohydrate Counter

Milo’s Free Safari Cartoon


Partner Treff Online

Block Clans – Gun Survival PE

Monster Stones

Battle Dome – Survival Shooter

Freddy -Block Survival Shooter

Space Wars – Star Survival PE

Block Wipeout – Survival Game

Dungeon Arena – Survival Block

Spleef -Survival Block Shooter

Splegg – Egg Survival Game PE

Mega Walls – Block Survival 3D

CastleWars – Battle Survival

MorseLight Pro

Newborn Baby & Mommy Care Doc