[SCAM] Fanbox.com Your FanBox earnings: $105.58 all-time ($46.44 on Mar 16)

If you’re getting similar email like the one contents below from fanbox.com You’re being scammed. They want you to confirm your email address, login using other methods such as your facebook account, yahoo, gmail and so on, it’s a link, and when you link it you might be clicking too fast and you may have accepted something that you didn’t pay attention, such as allow them to access your email address book and so on. Even if you don’t accept certain features it’s there somehow, and the next you know is, you got spammed by fanbox with all of king of email not necessary directly from them but from their third parties also.

So if you’re getting the email from fanbox about your earning, don’t fall for their scam.

One user post a question.

Are fanbox earnings real?
I would like to know, are fanbox earnings real? I am getting fanbox mails saying you have earned $ s. I do not kniw, whether to trust that mails? It can be a spam. If any1 has idea about ir kindly tell me know. Also, ,would like to know, without doing anything how I have earned so much money?


The answer picked was.

Fanbox tricks people into giving up their email addresses, passwords and cell phone numbers and then spams them relentlessly. Not only that, they spam everyone in the contact list as well

For the past few months, several readers of Moneylife have pointed out that they are receiving an email from some Fanbox notifying that “On March 15 you earned $2.75 and your all time earnings are $234.40”. This is nothing but a phishing attempt through a spam mail.


On March 16 you earned $46.44 (Your FanBox homepage)
All-time earnings: $105.58
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