Selling your body to the internet to make money?

Come on people, whoever thought of this idea has been contagious, many and many people online now a day are either on facebook mostly good ones, and bad ones are on live webcam to make money just showing their attractive body and most of the naked so others can do what they do. Many people said it’s safe, and don’t care or mine showing off their boodies and other body parts online live with a web cam ┬ájust to make money a few bucks. Does this sounds right to you? maybe to be un-religious people or the one that are desperate for money, feeling that it’s better than going out and being a hooker?

Well let me say something. Anything on the internet is not safe, if someone out there really want to get information about you and you have some kind of online service previously mostly likely it will be available to the online internet hacker. Those nude pictures that you have taken or put in private folder and so you think is safe, ERR wrong!. On top of that now you’re a live webcam streaming for money by exposing yourself? the people or whoever including hacker can save your images and videos streaming, and rebroadcast it somewhere else, and before you know it you walked down the street someone will say, hey I know that girl or guy, she/he was on the internet youtube or sextube videos showing off her naked body did something wild online, is that what you wanted to do? Think twice before selling your body on the internet, and no don’t waste your time wasting showing fake body it would not work, the internet are getting smarter, as people getting smarted.