Set your ebay account to block users with unpaid item reported

Here’s tip to protect yourself from ebay scammer fraud bidding. Many users will not pay after winning a bid leaving you hanging, and you trying to contact the buyer multiple times but no respond and you cannot open a case because it’s too early, ebay will not let you open a case until few days later, and even case open user will not even respond to you, and so you will have to wait for more than a week for ebay to close your case in order for you to list the item for sell again, and hope that the same user will not bid or win or similar user will do the same thing to you.

OK, so how to protect yourself from these types of users? since ebay is not blocking them or suspending them for no payment, matter of fact ebay will never suspend anyone for no payment, so you have to protect yourself by setting if buyer or bidder have ebay UPI or unpaid items block them from bidding, you can set by how many times buyer have upi strikes. UPI is also known as unpaid item or non-paying bidder.

One way to do this is to block the user directly, for instant you know ebay user youriphonespecialist is a scammer on bidding and not paying. you can put them in block list. In the link below it will allow you to block by certain criteria such as how many unpaid item cases.

Simply go links below:

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how to protect yourself from ebay scammer fraud users trying to fraud you scam you

how to protect yourself from ebay scammer fraud users trying to fraud you scam you

The ebay user youriphonespecialist now hide his/her feedback comments, so now new users allow this ebayer bid and won doesn’t know his/her real feedback although it’s 100%, but 100% positive feedback with bad comments because seller can no longer give negative feedback. So now this ebay buyer going full force and puts in all iphone bids and win and only pay for cheap one that he/she can turn around and make big profit elsewhere and probably to the terrorist, now we can’t do anything about it because ebay system is broken-has loopholes allow dirtiest trick ebayer buyer to bid and win but never pay and the account will not get suspended due to probably the ratios of payment versus non payment, because ebay is making money from this user as well, shame on you ebay! all you care is about money, don’t care about legitimate hard working ebay sellers.