So many good news about Bitcoin in the next coming years

As more and more positive news on Bitcoin for the next coming years, hopefully it’s true that within the next 3 years Bitcoin will be widely adopted and use. However there are indeed bad news on Bitcoin as well, lets hope the good is greater than the bad. That’s the world we live in any ways, there are bad and there are good.

The latest positive news on Bitcoin is that “Larry Summers Likes the Idea of Bitcoin” This is the Silicon valley guy on economics and growth analyst people. If we have more people like him speaks positive about Bitcoin, will surely help Bitcoin stability and rise.

Off course we also have negative news about Bitcoin. The latest is that Hong Kong Bitcoin exchange firm or so call MyCoin disappeared indeed. Yes police report has been filed by many people. Since Bitcoin is not regulated, but there are rules and regulation in regard to its standard business. I’m sure the owner(s) and staff(s) will get caught and be brought to the court of law.