So much good news on Bitcoin but yet the price of Bitcoin goes down

So what happening with Bitcoin? According to the news in regard to Bitcoin, now a day there are so many good news about Bitcoin development, so many business are interested and some adopted it already, some are thinking about it, and very little are still skeptical about Bitcoin.

With the news that silk road operator goes to jail and the FBI agents whom investigate silk road took or stolen some of the Bitcoin at the time and cash it to at least $800,000 during the time are also in hot water now and probably will be on trial and prison sentence soon. Almost seems like Bitcoin is a drug in this case.

Back to the price of Bitcoin, why is it going down? well it’s not really going down, it’s been hovering between $200 and close to $300 for a month. At least it’s not down down to like $100s, so maybe it stabilize at $200-$300, lower than this value would trigger lots of buy volume. No one really know, just speculation where the rich with money buy and sell pretty quick since to them is high risk.

So who won those Bitcoins that government auctioned? yep two winners, are they selling it little by little? possibly.

What happen to Bitcoin mining? for sure it’s not for profit anymore. For those that think they can purchase bitcoin ming to make money, it’s not possible today and maybe not in a year or two. However you can mine and just save your Bitcoin, don’t sell it, otherwise it’s a loss; this is if you can afford electricity and get the miner cheap, to me, it’s better to buy Bitcoin directly and save it. Mining still happening for bigger commercial mining farm, such as the early adopter, meaning people whom had been mining for a long time and profit quite a bit of money already and able to afford electricity and equipment. For new mining farm, it’s probably not a good idea.