Starter fish tank 10 gallons for my kids

I got a 4 years old and 6 years old, and my wife does not like pets in the house, or pets period :). However just today out of the blue moon she decides to get a fish tank and some fishes for the kids, and oh boy! I was stunt and the kids were totally excited. We were at Walmart a helpful assistant at Walmart assisted us and explained a few things such as, get a tank first, set it up, let water site and filter for about 12 to 24 hours, then go back to walmart and get the fishes.

The kids already decided to get 2 pink, 1 blue and 1 green whatever they are, and I’m going to get one also, I don’t even know what to get but hec will see what they have tomorrow. We set up the tank already and ready for fish. Flagged my calendar to feed them 1 time per day or 1 time every 2 days. Change the water and filter every 2-4 weeks that’s like monthly or I guess whenever it’s dirty 🙂

I want some fun fish, I don’t want no gold fish or koi fish that poop a lot making the water dirty and stuff.

Anyhow, I’m surprised that my wife allowed the kids to have a fish tank. I don’t know if fishes are consider as house pet, I don’t see them react to anything that we do, or have any benefit such as dog, I guess fish tank just look nice 🙂

Anyhow, the out the door price was, $30 for the tank kit, included water filter, 10 gallon tank, fish foods, water conditioner so call, light, and additional $15 heater, I don’t think I will need a sucker fish whatever they call it, the black one that cleans the glass …

how to take care of your fish as starter 10 gallons fish tank kit from walmart $30

how to take care of your fish as starter 10 gallons fish tank kit from walmart $30


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