Taking a new job new management isn’t easy

I’ve been some side jobs online for a great while now. The only issue exist is dealing not working correctly applications, and for me I think it’s better to work applications testing, playing around with it then dealing your boss.

Some management doesn’t reveal their real personality until at certain time. I’ve been through with various manager and most are great! however there are a couple that I have a hard time dealing with, and I wish I can just quit, but sometime I couldn’t because of needing that extra money for bills, for now. Sometime I guess you just have to “suck it up” yah.

Going back to doing what you can online to make money is great, but it’s not a real job, someday you earn less, some day you earn more, and sometime you earn nothing. However there are people out there that earned a lot of money doing online work, but the majority isn’t earning as much. Some say you have to work hard, some say, you just have to work smart. Some say you have to take risk, and so on. It’s all of the above.

Depend on your personality, and goal. Are you looking for to make money despite the struggle, work for a very bad boss, risky jobs that get you injured or killed, then you just have to accept the dangers. For those that just want a stable income enough to pay bills, you still might need to work for someone else and hope your boss is understandable and doesn’t give you a hard time frequently. Then if you don’t really need to make a lot of money then you can probably find a kick back job that you like maybe 8 hours day, go home and forget everything at work and start again the next day. Then off course online job, with no experience in programming or special computer skills such as sql scripting and so on, then you can probably find something to do, to keep you busy on thebot.net and similar forums.

There are jobs out there, depend on what you’re looking for, how much you want to earn, what’s your goal?, what don’t you want deal with and so on.