Terra Nova 2011 TV series very good to watch

Just got a chance to finished watching Terra Nova 2011 Movies or TV series. It was very long one, but manage to finished it on Netflix, by the way I hate Netflix keeps on popping up asking would you like to continue playing once in a while or by specific increment such as every 1 or 2 hours I think, so annoying we would have to click Play or Continue playing, otherwise it will pause and computer will go to sleep.

Anyhow back to Terra Nova 2011 TV series, I think it’s a good TV series to watch, especially if you like Jurassic Park, Dinosaur movies with future technologies then definitely this TV series is for you.

What I like about it? – the realistic future clear glass computer screen, flexible paper clear screen, touch screen and so on. Pictures landscape was good, very realistic. The dinosaur and effect looks realistic.

What I observe doesn’t look right or blend in with the scene is when Tailor and Shannon went on fishing and they captured the fish as they reeled it in, I can see the fish is fake special effect doesn’t really blend in, bad picture and special effect there. Also where are the construction vehicle that construct those buildings? Where are the helicopters?

Overall I like the story, after earth can no longer sustain life normally, we decided to leave the planet, in other movies we would fly travel through space, but not this movie, we travel through some kind of star-gate portal to get into another planet, probably the worm whole methodology, who knows maybe it’s true in the future we will invent it, the year or Earth year is 2149.

The story some what make sense, as we leave Earth, and started new civilization on another planet, we would think that everyone will have new life, start over again, but it doesn’t appears to work that way, what we live with today society appears to be the future as well, there will be illegal activities such as bar gambling, gangster, trouble maker, people want to harm others, violent, betrayal, jealousy, and so on, it’s being repeated as it was on earth. The only different I noticed would probably be just the clean fresh air lots of greens. Recommend for all ages 🙂

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download Terra Nova 2011 2012 2013 TV movies series free streaming on youtube 720p 1080p HD ripped DVD

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