The tricks now adopted by or could they be the same owner?

Anyone whom had does HYIP before, would know about Now if you have been with long enough as in early 2013, you would probably know it’s a scam. However there are some of you still have faith and hope will pay you! please! this ain’t gonna happen, all they want is your money, they will come up with new scheme just to get you to invest so that you don’t talks negative, the truth about their ponzi scheme scam fraud business online. Bottom line, is dead, the new wave of new investors gotten paid nicely, but now they would have felt the impact of the old members had, no payout, each individual investors being managed differently, it almost seems like they know when not to pay you anymore because you don’t invest anymore, when you don’t invest they know when to cut you off and they profit at least 25-50% of your investments.

Now back to, this new online similar to, you run some bogus software counting # calculate money earned, and then get paid, 30 days trial free, but you will never get to $50 limit, so therefore you must pay them $20 more to run the software to make it to $50 to get paid, no this one no such thing as free money. The problem is they only accept your money through egopay, guess what? EGOPAY has been shut down by the US Government, no surprise. Egopay offer no dispute, no complaint will be taken seriously, it’s a one way transaction, you send the money, it’s gone forever! you cannot file a complaint to get your money back ever!. So once again, only accept egopay, but egopay no longer in business in the USA. No new payment processors announced it yet. a couple of days ago, started to use the same scheme as DigitalGeneration DG CG, the scheme is announcing selling a portion of the fake company ownership to another company, 25%, the other left over for the members if they want to buy, and then the remainder would be for running the software members? This is very misleading, make very little sense. All is anonymous! very fishy! the same methods were used by when they cannot pay or don’t want to pay the members, by saying covert your balance into DGStocks and you own a portion of the company and get paid a fraction of whatever money invested, that didn’t last long, only a few weeks in and they stopped paying again, and came up with new scheme. The last scheme had were the fake Bitcoin ATM machine, making professional video special effect editing of that fake ATM machine to motivate members, I believe that work on some users, not all, paying by Bitcoin? are you kidding me, it’s worst than paying via EgoPay. Again once you send your free money to it’s gone gone gone forever, however they will play with you until you’re tired, and forget it, no such thing as dispute to get your money back, it’s not reversible.

So think hard, think twice, do your homework, do your research before investing even $1 online, it’s mostly likely you will never see that $1  gain, it’s better for you to spend that $1 wisely, like buying a candy bar, a drink, a hot dog, give it to the children, at least you will get a thank you and see how it’s spend wisely! Please don’t invest in any online ponzi scheme such as HYIP, pyramid scheme, and so on, keep your money take someone you love or family members out for a nice meal, you will feel better than giving free money away online.

CoinBeez is changing!

2014-02-28 11:48:03 by CoinBeez

Great changes are coming in your way!

Recently, an investment company with private funds, located at Seychelles has demonstrated some interest at CoinBeez potential. After a full week of discussions and deliberations, we have decided to sell 25% of the company. This means that the current CoinBeez administration still owns the majority of the company, having always the final say in periodical meetings and deliberations by the administration board.

This investment company (whose name cannot be told now), will participate with some funds for the expansion of our services with new servers located in several datacenters around the world. This will greatly improve our service and our mission towards the CBZ plan.

Being that said, we have also decided to divide our 24% remaining through any user. This means that CoinBeez will still own 51% of the company, the investment company 25%, and the remaining 24% goes to any user interested.

Now, to get all of this in practice, we need to take some measures, which will start by removing any irregular accounts and accounts that have no activity for more than 90 days. Those accounts will be immediately deactivated in this first stage, being the second stage for users with no activity for more than 60 days, and the third stage for those who doesn’t make a login for more than 30 days. All accounts will be wiped off, including data related to earnings and activity. This doesn’t mean, however, any loss of earnings for the active users who have inactive referrals. Those earnings won’t be lost!

More information on how the user can acquire a part of the company and have a final say on our deliberation meetings will be further explained. Our attention is towards the payments and the termination of our wallet, which is also being adapted to our new CBZ plan.

With this partial fusion, our investment company will help on the data center investments in order to handle the quantity of data that is going to be used on the CBZ project.

Please note that the following week will go slower, since we have Carnival Festivities, wishing that you have a great and a happy Carnival!

CoinBeez! The future is here!