The most effective way to deal with a bully where ever – proof that it work – watch the video

Here’s proof, an effective way to deal with a bully, bottom line take karate or kung-fu or self defense class, ensure that no one know that know karate or kung-fu or self defense, learning self defense not for so off, but it’s for defending yourself in this case, look like the black hair girl know some mixed martial art there she uses her elbow like MMA fighter elbow the blonde girl and finished her off with repeatedly punch in the face, if it was me I would use my knee when the opponent is on the ground, knee my opponent in the face! 🙂 LOL no just kidding, it’s not that bad to knee someone when they’re on the ground, when they’re on the ground you know they’re loosing already so just pin them down and talk to them try to cool things 🙂

I this happen at a high school, I’ll be surprise if it was at a junior high, that’s real crazy