The Voice Giong Hat Viet Live Show Tap 16 12/09/2012 awesome!

Just got a chance to catch up watching The Voice – Giong Hat Viet Live Show, it’s the Vietnamese version of the international TV show The Voice. Sunday show 12/09/2012 was awesome one, I watched this on youtube, so no commercial, audio quality pretty good this time, picture is somewhat low quality, not even the analog tv quality, hey! can’t complain, it’s free LOL.

download HD 720p 1080p Giong Hat Viet The Voice Live Show 16 12/09/2012

I like tonight show, as it getting toward the end, eventually all the contestant will leave and only probably one or two will remain, who it will be don’t know, kind of too early to tell. Dam Vinh Hung dressed up like a boy scout, Thu Minh dressed up as always on this show showing shape of bra breast, and Ngoc Ha this time colorful beach dress showing crack of her breast first time I see 🙂 LOL, and Tran Lap just normal as always shirt with sleeve up showing his arm tattoo. I believe the judges picked correct winner this time. I would question the amount of time the show allow people to vote! is like within the show. Anyhow I enjoyed it, you can watch it too below youtube.

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