The Voice Vietnam Giong Hat Viet finale who won? Thu Minh Team

Just finished watching The Voice Vietnam, Giong Hat Viet, the Finale actually the final, who won? The one from Thu Minh’s team. No surprise though, she is indeed a better singer than most others. The people voted correctly. I wonder if it’s real though, I think so.

Although Vietnam have corruption more that other countries, but if there was corruption or funny business in this show, some rumor or gossip would have gotten out! what funny business? well Vietnam is well known for bribe someone to do something, in this case I will give $100K to make this singer win, I will kidnap your family member and force you make this singer win and so on 🙂 LOL Probably didn’t happen 🙂

I have to give credit to the show organizer, very well maintained  except I think Vietnam TV still a little bit behind on technology in term of HDTV Blu-ray or at least HQ, it’s low quality pictures video and the audio is pretty bad, I guess the DVD would be better, just that the version I watched on youtube probably been TVripped at least they removed the commercial.

Two thumbs up The Voice in Vietnam Giong hat Viet result for 2012 Finale 13/1/2013! good job everyone.

Watch giong hat Viet the Voice Vietnam from youtube streaming. This is the result finale for 1st show in Vietnam

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