forum is in trouble RE-ORG is going on

If anyone know about a forum domain name also known as TBN, you would probably seen some topics in regard to some senior and veteran members either got banned or simply left the forum for whatever personal reason or problems.
This is call a “re-org” 🙂 if anyone here works for a real company, not online, would know. Old members left for newer members to take their places. I would not want Obama for president of the US for another 4 years, or even the second term four years for that matter.
Everyone entitled to their own opinion right? So here’s mine. The problem with most senior and veteran is being a smart ass, know it all kind of people. Not every senior or veteran are like this, some I find still very helpful and being themselves ever since they stepped in TBN. For a few others senior and veteran their mood change, their irritation level increased, shot in the eye instead of being helpful to the new or ignorant members. I do find a few new members very irritating posting scam, spam, asking stupid question and so on, but as a senior veteran moderator admin simply remind the members to follow rules by using some kind of mechanism to warn the members so that he or she can better communicate next time. No need to cuss or call the members stupid, idiot, and so on … some people have feeling you know.
I do understand that many senior veteran moderator admins probably working for free, but you accepted the position, if you don’t like it then leave, no need to abuse others with hurtful words.