This blog is currently being hacked defaced DDOS infinite hacking attemps

My blog is currently being hacked, attacked by you know who, however I’m not sure so I’m not going to mention or point finger to any specific individual or group or enemies. Talking about enemies, I believe the enemies that I have are the ones that I exposed the truth, the scam activies, the unethical behaviors. These includes but not limited to HYIPs, advance HYIP scam, such as,,,, and many many more that had been taken offline due to its scam acitivies has been exposed.

HYIP had been taken up a notch, had been taken to the next level of scam, so call ponzi scheme. Instead of the typical website that have investment plans with 100% profit after certain amount of time, some even have it low like 10% to make it legitimate, however the the advance HYIP the next level has some twist. Let’s look at as example, paying people to run a bogus software on their machine calculate some # and sending some text messages and so on that is all it does, but wait why? because if any member don’t keep the PC on all the time, then they loose money for that day. Some members and researchers did some analysis and indicated that the software next update could potentially be a malwares trojans using your machine as a hacking machine, run proxy server and so on, as we don’t see it today but eventually it will probably get activated or the business will shut down or no longer exist, those owners are working on it.

So back to the advance HYIP methodology. The bogus software we talked about. Now the investment strategies. Typpical instant payout, consistent payout, to get investors motivated. Motivated to invest more. Motivated to re-invest. Motivated to refers more and more people. Motivated referrals to refers others referrals to refers more down the chain, so call paramid scheme or multi level marketing. Sad thing about referrals is some even refer their family members, love ones, and friends, as a result in the end the program scam exposed and relationship between family members friends broken because of these activities, because of greed. So the members get paid for a while, at the same time coingeneration will work on the next stage of news releases. Make promises to keep members motivated, but the promises were not delivered, or was delivered in a different way, such as the latest bogus special video editing videos posted on youtube, althoug it was professionally done, but the concept of bitcoin atm machine exist not the fundamental of producing it and installing it. So once again, coingeneration will keep on luring more people trapping them, mostly the greedy will loose all the money, and the smart one will gain a few bucks that’s about it. Since look at each individual investors activities and determine when to stop paying them to make a profit.

Same with pcearner and many more that existed, exists and will exist. One died, many more will pops up. With the HYIP monitors out there, it does help the communities quite a bit. However each individual whom are involve with these types of scheme scam investment must do their homework. The bottom line is do not get involve or risk even $1, they can sense the investors not going to reinvest and will not pay them. The sad thing of all is no body can complaint or dispute to get money back.