Thuy Nga Paris By Night 106 Lua Silk

Just finished watching the newest Vietnamese Music Video by Thuy Nga Paris By Night, just in time for Christmas, however it’s not on sale at the shelf yet at your local Vietnamese music DVD CD books store, but it’s already online tons of Vietnamese forums boot leg this music Video pack. The hackers crackers peer to peer file sharing are working hard at it and so does the staff at Thuy Nga or people whom want to get rid of boot leg movies also work hard to report the website and links that shared this video.

My thought is that the Video was delivered at the store for sale on Friday, but some store just open an sell it or give it to their family members to watch and then shared online. I think that Thuy Nga should look into selling their item as electronics also, meaning stream it online selling it $10 per download in high quality and encrypted it in a way that only can be watch by unlocking it with a code, this will save thuy nga so much money! I guess they still don’t trust that method LOL.

Well this DVD #106 isn’t bad.