Vietnamese leeches from Vietnam sold to China for what?

I just want to comment on this, as more and more people mostly Vietnamese are upset about this. Vietnamese people are cultivating leeches and also just catching them in abandon farm land and sell it to China, it’s good money some make up to $10 a day doing this, which is pretty good in Vietnam. So what’s the worry about? – There has been rumor on facebook and other social network including email circulation saying that leeches are found on food from China. Now I’ve heard and seen and witness food contamination from China not by purpose but poor judgement and un-careful, not completely on purpose! as so indicated from the news media not rumor.

So the situation with the leeches, I have not seen cases where many Vietnamese people eat something, digest it and then get sick by it and confirmed it was due to leeches poisoning from China imported from food products, so far non confirmed, only rumor circulation. I know for a fact that China use leeches to make Chinese herbal or some type of medicine, not to create weapons to kills other, that just plain speculation. However some leeches although dried and and dead but can turn back into life once adequate water or an environment where they thrive again, it is possible! but I don’t think it’s on purpose, maybe the Chinese were careless and missed a step and allow the pieces of the leeches come back to life, again unconfirmed and probably not happening in real life, if it did then probably very low.

On the other hand, people whom hated China, they will do anything to make it worst, that’s right exaggeration, making something small or only occur one time and make it big, big gigantic news to ruin China reputation. Not just China, but it’s a concept that many people use for the people and things that they hate!

But – again, at the end of the day, we need to be cautious, be wary of China, they are growing bigger and wealthier.