Want to get cash back when making purchased at newegg.com?

Do you make a lot of purchases at Newegg.com? whether you’re doing buying stuff for free after rebate or real cheap after rebate and turn around selling it on ebay to make some money? or just simply buying a lot at newegg.com for whatever reason, you can get cash back. How? by using fatwallet.com, check fatwallet.com there are links to newegg products whatever you buy, fatwallet.com get some commission and they will share it to you. Fatwallet is awesome, they’re not cheap like Techbargains take all the money keep it to themselves and on top of that Techbargains.com also make a tons of money through sponsors and advertisement displayed all over their websites.

A while back I have a cj.com account (commission junction), with newegg.com as one of my affiliate, then all of a sudden, newegg.com don’t want to do business or allow PA (pennsylvania) resident to ┬ábe part of their affiliate team anymore because of PA state changes internet sales tax commission related. So Newegg and CJ.com dropped all affiliates with PA residents users. Sucks! because some of us makes tons of money through cj.com having newegg.com as affiliates. So after a while searching trying to find alternatives but unsuccessful. Today I found that fatwallet will share some commission in term of cash back, so let say I buy $60 on newegg.com through fatwallet cashback link, I would get about $1.50 or so, that’s not bad and I buy daily from newegg.com all great deals that on tech stuff that I can use or build computers spare parts and so on, or also turn around make a few $ on ebay or craigslist.

Fatwallet.com I give two thumbs up!, Techbargains.com half a thumb up because they don’t share profit has a tons of advertisements banners and misleading ┬ápost, and also users cannot comments, the only good thing I see on techbargains.com is they work to post deals for us but sometime not totally true.

BTW: not only at newegg.com but many other purchases from other online retailers as well when you make the purchase clicking through fatwallet links.