Websites of retailers that offers cheap items for sale online Black Friday are so slow and transaction don’t even go through

This sucks! I’m sure most if not all people encounter this problem. I see a great deal online, I tried to add it to cart, it added, I tried to check out, and it just spinning and lagging and timed out and retry and retry and retried and same thing happen, I switch to a different computer, different browsers, same crap! this sucks, so online great deal for Black Friday isn’t so great, it’s as bad as going to the store, the chances are the same to get deal! Tigerdirect website site sucks! can’t take the bandwidth! techbargains sucks big time even they don’t tell anything, just advertise but still slow like crap, they need to upgrade their web server or something, fatwallet is good though they’re fast in loading.

I personally give it a thumb down for shopping online for items that are really great deal, either the retailer website lied or puts only 1 item available lure people into their site to buy something else! shame on you if you doing this to people whom are searching real hard for great deal you lure them into your site with 1 item qty of 1 available or maybe zero available, just to lure us into your site and making us interest or buy something else! you sucks! yeah you tigerdirect and affiliates!

Walmart is good though their site is fast, compare to tigerdirect! I’m sure many other similar site, don’t waste your time people if you can’t get through to site to order stuff, it’s probably gone or perpetual item to lure you into their site. Better turn off your computer and go to sleep LOL 🙂 Good night everyone, gott doze off now! good luck with your Black Friday shopping.