What’s the best Bitcoin mining hardware to buy today to get your ROI back fast?

Short answer: “Bitmain Antminer S1 Dual Blade 180 Gh/s Bitcoin Miner” This miner as of today cost 220USD in China, and here in the USA is less than $299, as of today. It will go down further, depend on the production of the Bitcoin miners from other manufacturer shipping status.

I think this is a good deal, you will get your ROI back in a couple of months based on the Bitcoin price today and also the Bitcoin difficulty level. Don’t expect you can do anything else beside mining Bitcoin with this hardware, it is specifically designed for Bitcoin mining only, SHA256, sure you can mine are other SHA256 but most likely you will not make more money than mining Bitcoin itself.

With the delay in shipping many Bitcoin miners from KNCminer and BFL, largest producers of Bitcoin mining hardware. As of today don’t know why the delay so long, and people are asking for their money back. But, I think it’s a win win situation for the manufacturer though, like BFL Lab for instant. They took pre-order, but never ship any 28nm as of today, some has been waiting close to a year already, let alone saying 6 months for me. So what happen here is, BFL took the money and invest in building the hardware and then mine it themselves, since they make more money mining than actually selling these hardware to the customers, but wait! eventually they will ship to the customers. For many others, just request refund after over 6 months of waiting, however it will takes over 1 month to get the refund back, and a total of over 7 months waiting that money spent on the pre-order people could have just purchase bitcoin and make money by now.