Why are people reading news from unofficial news media sites?

Let take one example, this morning I logged on to facebook and found a post by someone raising flag about Arsenic in chicken. However the topics or title or headline of the news what really causing disturbing. The headline said “FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic” when the reader see this they immediately got interested and started reading, but without checking the credibility of the article whoever wrote it how many times has been copy and paste and linked, has any of the wording been tampered? or still remain intact who was the author and originally posted? those are the question people should be asking for before reading it. Because I can say anything I want on the internet and make people really believing in it.

So people please, if you see some article interesting posted online, especially facebook from your friends, don’t believe everything on that article, it could have been tampered, fake, hoax, exaggeration, bias, and so on. Just search on CNN news, MSNBC news, Fox news etc. website and find to see if it’s there, believe me if the news is real and disturbing, I bet you 100% of the time those news media would have it and they are credible! big media company they wouldn’t dare to do anything that would ruin their reputation on the news that they’re feeding you. So again, stay away from Facebook article posted by your friends or whoever. Get to the truth first original article.