Will I ever make close to six figure income blogging?

It is possible and the potential are still there and I’m always dreaming about it. Although English is my second language, my fist language is Vietnamese, I came to the USA in 1987 and started to learn English, I can speak and write Vietnamese somewhat fluently :).

Anyhow, the only way really to make money with blogging is to write English, and it doesn’t matter what you write, if you write then write things that you know, things that you love, things that you observe, not crap! 🙂 although you can blog crap also, but watch out for your sponsors and advertisement, that’s where you get the money from. The sponsors or advertisers might not like your blog because of your crap writing and they will probably stop doing business with you.

Talking about stop doing business, I can’t believe that one of the company I’m consultant with, they didn’t pay their bill about $2 million to one the supply chain freight forwarder company? yes I couldn’t believe that but I had let say someone knowledgeable with 🙂 anyhow it’s their business don’t know what really going on. I just hope that I can succeed in blogging 🙂 so that I can consider it as my real job, in addition to my other side jobs 🙂

The only thing I don’t like about Google Adsense and other affiliate commission company is because they sends you a 1099-MISC and if it’s a lot, you will be paying tax big time at the end of the year and penalty in some cases if you don’t pay quarterly.