Woman wants it and complaint about it afterward results suspension of football player

What is up with woman wants to drink and invited strangers into hotel room for more drinks what does she expect? What is up with the football players that accepted the invitation and know that they’ll in for a surprise.


So just in case you missed “Two Texas players banned from bowl game” officially reported as “Texas has sent home backup quarterback Case McCoy and injured linebacker Jordan Hicks on the eve of the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio for violating team rules”

Their crime was assault a 21 years old female in her hotel room. Something fishy about this story, I think that woman wants to have sex with them both, then get them in trouble, suspended so that the team will loose the game. In addition to this set up, luring the two players having sex then call 911 as sexual assault and eventually will sue those players and the team for lots of money. That’s how they do it!

I personally think that those two players deserved to be suspended and probably never get a chance to get back into the team again or into any game later in the future. Why? because they’re “stupid” fall into a trap and they know something like this going to happen. I hope the two players realized their mistake and don’t let it happen again. Come on now, you don’t need sex with some stranger at a hotel, if you really need to release your sperm, just “jack off” or do with your girl friend LOL.


See reactions from youtube videos below.

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