Worrying about your google adsense will get banned by enemies competitors fraud clicking on your site? worry no further!

It’s official, google adsense officially announced they’re working on a new algo. or new way to detect the click in order to prevent honest google adsense publishers account get banned. If you have a google adsense account, chances are you will run into something similar or read about it, whether google adsense banned one of your site or your whole account to due to invalid click. Worry no further, Google Adsense taken action to prevent banning good honest publishers, don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of you out there taking advantage of google adsense increasing your income by cheating such as using different computer, different IP, proxy, tricking people to click or clicking for each other daily, or even worst having an automatic bot to click, don’t go there, google will know and banned your account.


One way to make money with google adsense is to have unique contents update daily, let search engine do the work, don’t spam backlinks your site somewhere else, it could harm you, if your site is popular enough google and other search engine will crawl and list your site automatically, don’t spend too much time on spamming others sites to advertise your site, focus on contents, your blogging and so on.