You are being tracked watched listened to seeing you if you own a smartphones

That’s right, any smart phone with a microphone, which any phone have, a camera which most phone have a day, and off course GPS and maybe WIFI but not really required, any transmitting receiving signal from your phone will do. Although all these are not easily be done for most users who are not hackers and official authority like the FBI, but it is absolutely easy and possible for a hacker to do, already been proven. So if you own any of these devices, don’t expect any privacy or being secured LOL.

A hacker or FBI can activate your phone microphone and listen to your conversation remotely without the need of you doing anything and probably don’t know about it, so whatever you say they can hear. Forget about texting, it can be easily retrieve as well.

The camera can be turned on remotely as well, they can see what the camera see.

If the phone have a GPS they pinpoint on where you’re at, or at least where the phone is at.

So you still want to use high tech device anymore? yeah so do I ? but how do we secure it? you can’t! LOL just have to live with it and be wary! just like the food we eat, how do you know it’s safe? and no one put poison on it? well if your answer is whatever and so it is with the smartphones and smart tablet device that you have, it’s part of your life so be wary be honest, don’t do anything stupid against the law then you have nothing to worry about! don’t lie! honesty is the best policy.