You can also make money on ebay selling stuff

my daily ebay outbound shipments using labels postal stamps usps service

my daily ebay outbound shipments using labels postal stamps usps service

Many people probably wondering what they can do as side jobs at home, sitting at home in front of a computer, but only can check email and research look up items. Well, there are jobs that you can do, instead of sitting around wondering and doing nothing, beside blogging which required you to be knowledgeable and write good quality blog, there are alternatives.

You can buy bulk items online and sell it on ebay individual unit, for instant buy 100 NDS pen for cheap such as 10 cent each, then re-sell for 99 cent each, 46 stamp + 10 cent fee 56 cent fee total, you pocket oh let say 40 cent. The point is to buy bulk and re-sell in individual unit, something small, replacement items that people keep on loosing such as this NDS stylus pen. If you want to make a ton of money then go for expensive items such as gold, buy a $6000 gold watch and re-sell it for $7000, bottom line use this concept or come up with similar concept.  Buy low sell high just like stock market except stock market is gambling it’s a big risk that not too many people succeed.

I use stamp printing, just last night I switch over to a better label it’s a 7 inch label that can print 3 detail, stamps rate, bar-code as needed, and the from and to address all in one label, and all I need to do is just  peeled it off and slap it on an envelope or package, oh! ensure it stick correctly.  Also good to have an integrated weigh scale also to it will save you so much time and accuracy.

Another idea to do business on ebay is offer your service such as webdesign for auction, and also buying rebates items and re-sell on ebay, ensure to calculate the fees so that you will not loose money.  Don’t worry eventually you will sell the items.