You got to be kidding me ING DIRECT now tied to Capital One which has terrible customer service people

I can’t believe this but it’s true, ING DIRECT now tied to Capital One, most like it’s the customer service department or what? I have terrible experience with Capital One customer service especially with Best Buy credit card which appears to have Capital One as its customer service people also, but I also see that Best Buy credit card supplied by HSBC or whatever but the customer service are Capital One people and they’re terrible! are they outsourcing? the worst credit card financial company ever with customer service and support Capital One. Be careful all, my experience with capital isn’t pleasant, they will get you in real easy, very easy whether it’s credit card, loans or whatever, and then they will start milking you with fees such as late fees and no mercy, I asked them to look into crediting my fees that my paybill automatically payment missed by one day, but Capital One say NO, and No, and I told them I will move to another bank, they still say NO, they don’t care if they loose me, you know why? because they already profit with me by taking my late fees without mercy or take my reason into consideration. There are many Capital One banks stories out there on the net, how Capital One ruined people’s life.

stay away from capital one credit services especially bestbuy it has ruin people's credit given no mercy charges all the late fees and more

stay away from capital one credit services especially bestbuy it has ruin people’s credit given no mercy charges all the late fees and more


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Sent: Wednesday, November 7, 2012 4:11 PM
Subject: Our new name and our pledge to you

Dear ,
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Our name is changing to Capital One 360 and our colors are changing to red and blue – but our commitment to you is staying the same.

Yep, it’s true: As of February, we’ll have a new name and fresh look on the outside – but on the inside, it’s the same ING DIRECT you’ve come to know and love.

Typically with bank mergers, the things Customers care most about end up being the first things to change. But to us, you’re what matters most, and we’re going to keep it that way. Because we’re not a typical bank, and this isn’t a typical merger. So we’re going to back up our commitment with a pledge to you, our Customers, about how this business is going to run moving forward.
We’ll deliver real value. We’ll continue to offer no-fee, no-minimum checking and savings accounts – with the great features and rates that we know are important to you.

We’ll always keep it simple. There will always be simple, intuitive digital and mobile access to your accounts.

We’ll keep a human touch. We’ll talk to you as we always have, with real people here ready to help you.

We’ll focus on you. We’ll always innovate and improve with you in mind, first and foremost, to create the best Customer experience out there. We’ll get things right the first time, and keep challenging ourselves to do them even better.
We are making this pledge to you – and if you feel we’re not staying true to it, well, we want you to call us out on it. Do it directly on Twitter @INGDIRECT or even shoot us a personal email. Because you, our Customers, are this business and we intend to keep it that way.

Stay tuned for another update from us next month, or check out our Customer Info Center to keep in the know.

Jim Kelly
Head of Direct Banking
[email protected]

Jon Witter
President, Retail and Direct Banking
Capital One
[email protected]
We’ll keep you in the loop each step of the way:

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